TANDEMS Chatbot Online: Your 24/7 Energy Community Support

Europe is undergoing a revolution in energy. Energy Communities (ECs) are at the forefront of this change. They are enabling individuals to play a part in the just energy transition. Imagine generating your own clean power with your neighbours. It’s a game-changer. However, attracting new members and keeping them engaged can be a challenge. That’s where TANDEMS Chatbot steps in to take the lead! This nifty little tool shall help managing those curious crowds without breaking a sweat, all while building trust and fostering a positive experience for everyone.

What is the TANDEMS Chatbot

The TANDEMS Chatbot isn’t magic, but it is powered by impressive technology. It uses Large Language Models, or LLMs for short, to understand questions even if you don’t use technical jargon. Think of it as a mind-reader in training – it can figure out the core meaning (the “intent”) and key details (the “parameters”) of your question. Armed with this understanding, it then taps into its vast knowledge vault of FAQs, reports, and other, sometimes open, sometimes neatly curated resources to provide the most helpful answer for newcomers to Energy Communities, but also to people that have some expert questions. In case the Chatbot is unable to answer or unsure of providing the correct answer or whenever the continuation of a conversation is in need of personal information, it will direct you to the real, human experts in your region.

Tandems chatbot replying to questions on Energy Communities. 

Two ways the TANDEMS Chatbot makes life easier for Energy Communities:

Always on duty, never needs a coffee break: Think of TANDEMS Chatbot as your EC’s personal greeter. It can answer basic questions, explain things in a super clear way, and even make the onboarding process a breeze. Unlike its average human pal, the TANDEMS Chatbot is a night owl and an early bird all rolled into one. Newcomers can get their questions answered anytime, anywhere, no matter what time zone they’re in. And – you may ask questions in the language you prefer – the TANDEMS chatbot is multilingual.

Instant “Aha!” moments and picking up where you left off: Whether you’re wondering about the cost savings or the technical nitty-gritty of solar panels, the TANDEMS chatbot is here to shed light on it with brief explanations. It can also adapt to your customers’ knowledge level, providing simple explanations for more basic questions. It is also a tool to educate the public about the opportunities and responsibilities of those who want to set up their own or become a member of an existing energy community. In the end it is like having a personal energy guru at your fingertips!

Tandems chatbot replying to questions on Energy Communities. 

A Sneak Peek at TANDEMS Chatbot in Action:

Right now, the bot located on the TANDEMS website relies on information openly accessible on the internet, on a well-curated document about Energy communities (including trusted links provided by the European Commission and aligned projects) and based on a TANDEMS-based knowledge source also including information on selected TANDEMS pilot sites. All information are based on the elaborations of the Austrian communication and dissemination partner OIKOPLUS and the Flamish energy cooperative ZuidtrAnt. You will receive the most reliable answers about Energy communities and a just energy transition, about becoming a Prosumer and about the types of energy installations. Give it a try!