The Achterhoek region at the eastern border of The Netherlands, in the Gelderland province, has 400,000 inhabitants and a surface area of 1,476 km². Achterhoek comitted to achieving energy neutrality by 2030 and founded a cooperative association Agem (TANDEMS partner) in 2013. Each of the founding eight municipalities is a member. In 2018, Local Energy Communities (LEC) from the  region could also join the cooperative as members. In the Achterhoek region there are 18 LECs. None of them can, however, have ownership over large scale solar fields. This is also the case for wind farms (there are three in Achterhoek), which, although intitated by local farmers, cannot be owned by local citizens.

The aim of the TANDEMS project for Agem is to add two solar fields by 2025 and six by 2030. For wind, Agem aims to start one new citizen-led wind initiative by 2025,  with realisation by 2030. The objective is to ensure that citizens have a say in energy production locations and benefit from its  revenues. In addition, local companies should benefit from the economic development.